Heritage Bamboo Fleece Jacket


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Designer's Notes: A beautiful cozy wrap jacket designed with a versatile collar, which can be transformed into a closed collar. Each Heritage Jacket features an original Spirit of the North print. We’ve refined and altered this jacket over the years to feel as perfect as it looks. It’s a staple Voilà jacket that you will live in.



  • Canadian made custom Bamboo fleece
  • Long sleeves, 2 side pockets
  • Inverted pleat in the back which creates nice flow off the body.
  • Spirit of the North print on the collar
  • Small clip on collar to wear the collar closed

Size & Fit

  • Relax fit
  • Sleeve length 24inch
  • Side length 22inch
  • Back length size Med 29inch ( Large 30inch, XL (32inch)
  • Model is 5'8 wearing size M (cobalt) XS (pine)
  • 87% Bamboo Viscose/ 8% Organic Cotton/ 5% LYCRA®
*Our bamboo fabric is knit and dyed in Ontario using fair trade yarn and low-impact dyes

    Spirit of The North

    To the Inuit people the Polar Bear is regarded as the embodiment of the spirit of the North, an animal who possesses ancient wisdom. The Aboriginal Plains people used Eagle feathers in ceremonies as a symbol of respect and healing. David Albert, an Aboriginal Métis artist, captured the beauty and essence of both, using a Haida style in his design.