Aboriginal Artists

Principal Heritage Artist: David Albert

Métis artist, David Albert, is a retired art consultant and teacher who was born and raised in Fisher Branch, Manitoba. He began his professional association with his daughter, Andréanne, when she was the costume designer for a NAFro Dance production. Andréanne had him paint artistic patterns directly on the costumes according to the theme of the dance. David saw the opportunity to do the same with some of Voilà par Andréanne creations.

For Voilà’s heritage prints, David got his inspiration from nature and an original piece of embroidery created by Andréanne’s maternal ancestor, Catherine Mulaire, who was born in Île-à-la-Crosse in 1843. David Albert created a stylized version of the piece that he called Catherine’s Vine. True to the eclectic mix that is Métis style, David’s other designs borrow from Northwest Coast indigenous artwork and incorporate Plains First Nations symbols of nature such as the birch tree and eagle feather.

David’s appreciation for Canada’s ethnic diversity fuels his passion for sharing his own indigenous heritage across cultures. His authentic heritage designs are for everyone to enjoy.

Candice Lipischak 
Candace Lipischak is the boss and owner of Productions Canart Productions, a business she launched in 2007, offering Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing and Printing Services. Digging in her Franco-Métis roots in Otterburne, Manitoba, Candace is also a multidisciplined artist inspired by her surroundings living along the Rat River. Among her love of photography and playing the drums, carving diamond willow and painting, Candace has found a new passion as an upcycler. Creating unique pieces out of tin, forged steel, hand stained glass jar lids, and recycled barn board found on the farm, her art is proof of her love for Graphic Design and all things related to creativity and nature, and being able to think outside the box.)