How to Beat the summer heat and still look fab!

July 13 2016

                                      Summer vacation season is in full swingWhether you’re travelling afar or rediscovering home turf on a staycation, it’s easy to feel a bit wilted this time of year. But, with a smart approach to your fashion choices, you can still look polished while staying cool and comfortable. Unlike in winter where we can pile on lots of layers to stay warm, there’s a limit to the layers we can shed in summer while staying on the right side of the law. Other than spending time at the beach where you can simply throw on a bathing suit,...
Celebrating earth Day. Buy Less Buy Better

Celebrating Earth Day! Buy Less, Buy Better!

April 22 2016

We ask VOILÀ's Head Designer, Andréanne Dandeneau, on what makes her clothing line sustainable. "Sustainability to me means living with the understanding that our world isn’t finite; that we have to be resourceful and responsible with our consumption so we have something left for the next generation. The choice of materials does have an effect on my design process. By understanding the fabric, the way it moves, hangs and holds together is not a type of fabric we are often taught to work with throughout my education.  But then again I use that challenge to my advantage to create pieces...

The perfect wardrobe- No matter the weather!

March 10 2016

Since the start of the new year, I have spent countless hours at the workshop trying to f inish the collection in time for the fast approaching spring season. This limits my time spent with my identical twin sister who is often away on tour with her career. Since it is important that we spend some quality time together, we decided to take mini getaway out west. On the menu? Waking up to the beautiful B.C. coastline, countless hikes through the lush green forests and closing the day with intimate dinners while catching up with one of the most important...

Celebrating 10 years as a Fashion Entrepreneur

April 21 2015

Celebrating 10 years as a Fashion Entrepeneur. Andréanne Dandeneau’s entreprise is anything but ordinary. In 2005, with the help of Aboriginal Business Canada, this young contemporary dancer and graphic artist launched her own company, MJAnne couture, with her label Hug Me. In 2008 she incorporated under Andréanne Designs Inc. operating under Voilà par Andréanne as the name of her new label. In 2014, with the support of the Louis Riel Capital Corporation, she expanded her business. 2015 marks her 10th anniversary. According to the designer, it is a company to which she has devoted her life for the past ten...

Toronto Now author/ journalist Adria Vasil rates VOILÀ's leggings as the country's top picks!

October 18 2014

Most of the stuff on the market is cheaply made of conventional, insecticide-heavy cotton, petrol-laced polyester/nylon or toxically tanned leather. Who’s got a leg up on leggings? Read more here

Art in fashion!

January 22 2013

Preview from the amazing photo shoot by photographer Reiner Carlos Padilla with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet couture dress. Hair and Make up by Mhei Alcos and Model by Alina Oleynik .   Behind the scene at the photoshoot; Nuit Blanch Couture Dress-   RWB couture dress  

Couture Dress created by Andréanne for the Winnipeg Royal Ballet

April 23 2012

Couture Dress designed and created by Voilà's designer, Andréanne Dandeneau for the Winnipeg Royal Ballet season launch 2012-2013. Read about on CBC & Downtown Peggy