Provencher Jacket


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Designer's Notes: A beautiful cozy wrap jacket designed with a large hood which can be transformed into an elegant open collar. Each Provencher Jacket has an original La Flèche print, designed by our in house Métis Artist David Abert. A staple Voilà jacket you will live in.
Note- Another similar cut in this jacket is the Heritage Bamboo Fleece Jacket


  • Bamboo fleeced-lined- ultra soft and wicks away moisture from the body
  • Long sleeves, two side pocket
  • Inverted pleat in the back which allows to flow off the body.
  • New La flèche print

Size & Fit

  • Relax fit
  • Sleeve length 24inch
  • Side length 22inch
  • Back length 30inch
  • Model is 5'9 wearing size S
  • Materials: 75% Bamboo Fleece/ 20% organic Cotton/ 5% Lycra

Description of the print: La Flèche

The Métis people helped shape the Canada of today, mainly in terms of the expansion of the west. The Métis became the link between the First Nations and their European allies, assisted by their wives who translated the native languages and helped resolve any cultural issues that arose. Métis Artist David Albert created this arrow (flèche) to pay tribute to the trading activities between the Métis and First Nations people. The Métis were, in fact, astute business people. The flower represents the Métis, also known as the "flower beadwork people," and the Arrow represents the First Nations and the connection between them.